A place for you to Connect, Grow and Serve.

Welcome to First United Methodist Church! Whether you are a first-time guest, a faithful participant of the church, or a member who desires to be more connected to the life of this vibrant faith community, this website is prepared with you in mind. Our goal is to provide information that is helpful to people who are looking for a church home or who would like to be informed about the many ways mission and ministry are lived out in our church and community.

I would invite you to notice that we have laid out information to follow our intentional discipleship path; toConnect with God, our neighbor, and ourselves, to Grow in our practices of the means of grace, and to Servewith our whole hearts inside and outside of our church. A balance of offerings in each of these three areas helps us develop and practice the spiritual disciplines necessary for a healthy life, and a healthy church. This is not to say we do this perfectly- or have it all figured out, but it is to say that we are intentionally working to build healthy relationships as we live, and learn, and practice lives of discipleship together. We simply want to be the people of God who serve God’s people in this place we call home, and away from home, as we are called.

Our hope is to be the church God would have us be, and to us, this means that we welcome and accept all people as we connect, grow and serve together as the body of Christ. We believe that God’s unlimited and unconditional love and grace are for all of God’s creation. We want you to feel welcome here and we know that we are better at being the church when you are using your God-given gifts and talents to serve alongside us.

If you would like more information or would like a personal conversation with me, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me to arrange a time for us to visit! I appreciate getting to know you better and look forward to serving as your pastor should you choose First UMC Lexington as your church home.

Pastor Anne Gahn

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