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The Year of the Non Auction Auction...

At the meeting following the church auction in 2018, the council took time to evaluate and consider whether the auction was serving a good purpose, whether it was helping us reach out into the community, and whether it still held value as an annual event. There was concern about lower attendance, too many live auction items that took too long to move through, and the seemingly missing spirit of generosity and joy! We revisited that conversation in August and by the September council meeting decided that the auction was on! After six weeks of promotion and trying to line up the needed people, goods, and engagement, it has become clear that the church auction has run its course and it is time to reimagine fundraising at First Church Lex!

The council has focused its prayer and work on our mission to reach out to folks beyond the church, to connect in relationship, to serve in mission together, and to be a church that meets the needs of the community in which we live. While the church auction had some beautiful traditions of being a place for the church to express great generosity, to celebrate being together, and to invite the community to join in, it has drifted away from being those things. It just doesn’t work the way it used to and it didn’t gain traction the way we had hoped it would this fall, so the church council has cancelled the auction.

So now what??

1) PRAY! Elijah prayed, and God moved. Let’s pray together that God will use this liminal space—the time between the “what was” and “what’s next”—mightily for His glory and purposes!

2) Be positive! Change doesn’t come easy, but if we all keep our eyes focused on the goal of these changes—to glorify God and reach more people with the life-changing message of the gospel—then the relative inconvenience of the changes to what has been really seems worth it.

3) Engage. Do what you can and do what you have been gifted by God to do to help imagine the future of this congregation!

4) Give. The auction was grounded in a spirit of generosity! So for each of you that were prepared to donate or spend money at the auction, don’t lose that spirit of generosity! Donate to the church what you would have spent on the goods you would have baked; sell the items you would have donated to the auction and write the church a check for the amount you sold the items for. If you would have donated five hours of your time preparing for the auction, donate the amount your time was worth that you have back in your pocket now! Or maybe you just take some time in prayer with God and see what kind of generous giving God is trying to do through your life and resources! So by Nov. 15, I cannot wait to see the good work God is going to do in the life of this church in the first 15 days of November in relation to the church’s giving!

Each generation of folks at First Church Lexington has had the opportunity to reimagine ministry and mission! I am confident that we are going to see a great work of God, so keep your eyes on Jesus and hope in your heart and be open to all that the Holy Spirit is working within you!

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