Lent 2022

Gathered Up in Jesus
Sermon Series

From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday we invite you to join us in person or online on Sunday mornings, and during the week on Facebook and Instagram, to engage in a season of transformation!

God’s grace calls us to renew our commitment as Christians to connect with God and others on the faith journey, to grow in our knowledge of scripture and experience of God, and to serve our church and neighbors in love. Join us this Lent…and expect to be changed!

We hope you’ll join us at First UMC Lexington with churches around the world as we seek to be gathered up in Jesus!

Our Lenten worship journey will center us in our lectionary readings from the gospel texts. The season of Lent is essential for those who truly seek to be disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Because a part of what we learn in this time of self-examination is that we are what might be

most in need of transformation. We might find that what might need to grow in faith and discipleship is the church and that the transformation of the world begins with building bridges and gathering up rather than with condemnation