Good Friday 2021

Welcome to this Good Friday Virtual Journey to the Cross

This video and supplemental resource comes to us as a gift from The Reverend Karen Jones and her team from Buncombe Street United Methodist Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Just another amazing way that the connectional United Methodist Church brings life and resources to local churches throughout the denomination.

Our special thanks to Rev. Karen Jones, Associate Minister of Christian Education, and project team members: Stacy Phillips, Emily Cupelli, and Vance Jenkins Videography by Jarod Phillips, JPD Creations Producer and Editor, Tom Nesbitt, Tom’s Edit Post Voice of Jesus, Todd Haskell, Voice Talent Voice of the Narrator, Domingo Castillo, Voice Talent Project Management by Shafer Huguley Branding Communications.

Begin your journey to the cross with the following steps:

• Download the Journey to the Cross Booklet below. This guide is simply a supplement to the YouTube video.

• Gather the following materials: Candle | Lighter/matches | Bread & Juice | Cups (have enough cups for everyone in the room) | Vinegar | Q-Tips & saucer (optional)

• Prepare your materials by gathering them on a table in front of you. Do not light the candle yet; you will be instructed in the video when to light it. Put the bread on a serving plate and pour the juice into the cups. The vinegar can either be poured into a shallow bowl or saucer or, when the time comes, can be poured into the same cups that were previously used to drink the juice. You just need enough vinegar for a taste.

• Watch the video. Please leave a comment and let us know how you were blessed by the experience.

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