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Flood Damage Form

August Mission Offering to Help First Church Families With Flood Damage

We have had a number of church families experience extensive personal property damage and we would like to designate the August Mission Offering to help folks in the congregation. Donations can be made in the Sunday offering, mailed to the church office, or an online donation can be made on the church website. Any church member or regular attendee with damage is encouraged to apply for assistance.

backpack blessing

Backpack Blessing Day August 18

    During Sunday worship service on Aug. 18, there will be the Blessing of the Backpacks for all students—preschool to college graduate programs—as well as for teachers, administrators, coaches, custodians, lunchroom workers, bus drivers, secretaries and all others who carry these backpacks, briefcases or clip boards. Each participant will receive a special backpack tag as a reminder each school day of the love and care that surrounds them from this congregation.Please invite all your family, school friends and neighbors for this special start to the academic year!. Be sure to bring your backpack (or whatever you carry at school) with you to church!

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